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In the Butterfly room  we provide a warm and caring environment  for all the children.  Each child is assigned a key person to ensure that they feel safe and cared for whilst in our care, this helps the children form close bonds with staff in Butterflies.  We work towards the seven areas of learning  through the Early Year Foundation Stage guidance to ensure that all the children are learning through their play.

The room consists of a large role play area, a construction corner, mark making and mathematical tables, a craft area and a story corner with a large range of books for the children to select independently.  The room is also connected a large pre-schhol garden, which includes our fruit and vegetable patch for the children to grow their own produce.  We then  use our fruit and vegetables within the butterfly room  for our cooking activities.

Through our observations of each child, we provide activities that we know will interest them and we then use this information to put together our short and long term plans.

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